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LOV Photography

LOV is Life On View, which is our way of viewing the art and skill of great photography. We capture moments in time, samples of your life, and preserve and present them in all their glory.

A really  good photographer can sometimes take those moments and imbue them with a sense of the feelings surrounding that time, and create a picture that lets one experience the emotional gestalt of that instantaneous time capsule. A great picture can be even better than we remember.

That  is what we aspire to, to make you and yours look as great as possible.

My name is Dene, which is pronounced the same as “Dean”, and that’s me and my wife in the photo. My wife Vivien and I are the photographers who created LOV photography in Orange County, California. We believe our experience, honesty, and artistic vision and craftsmanship will make you a believer. Drop us a line, and we can put together a package customized for what you need, and optimized for your budget. If you have questions, we’ll take the time to explain and come to a meeting of the minds.

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